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Spine Surgeon Consultation

Book an appointment with Dr Phani Kiran S, Spine Surgeon in Chennai, to get an expert evaluation of your back pain, neck pain or other spine problems. Clarify all the doubts and apprehensions about spinal disorders, disc surgery or any spine treatment procedures in detail.

Spine Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation programme tailored to your condition helps you to recover form back pain or neck pain and get back on track quickly. Physiotherapy is essential post-operatively for those who had disc surgery or spinal fusion surgery.

Endoscopic discectomy

Endoscopic lumbar discectomy is the state-of-the-art disc surgery procedure that enables faster recovery and early discharge from hospital with very minimal surgery related back pain.

Minimally invasive and open spine surgery

Surgeries done on spine with minimally invasive disc surgery techniques as well as all complex open spine surgeries including scoliosis / kyphosis correction surgeries, revision spine surgeries for back pain or neck pain.

Spine injections for those who may need a disc surgery

Spine related pain management procedures like facet joint or nerve root block injections are useful to relieve back pain  or neck pain or sciatica in relevant situations like those who have been advised a disc surgery

Spine Education

Learn about spinal disorders and quell he misconceptions about back pain, neck pain or disc surgery by reading the spine blogs by Spine Surgeon Dr Phani Kiran S.

Get a spine specialist opinion!

Have your fears and concerns about your spine health and back pain.

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